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Direct-to-Film transfer printing is the new state of the art method of printing high quality and unlimited color graphics on apparel and other fabric like materials. The absence of "setup" and "minimums" unlocks a new avenue of possibilities in the apparel decoration industry. 

This printing method is ideal for printing special graphics such as image or photo prints, airbrush or hand drawn designs, unique of a kind designs. Many schools, companies, teams, events, bar mitzvahs, weddings, start up companies, local businesses all take advantage of this method of printing as there are no minimums and they can request any design they want without being charged by amount of colors in a given design. 

At Popularity Products, our DTF department is equipped with a large format DTF printing machine and a state of the art shaker/dryer which ensures each transfer is cured properly to ensure the best outcome once printed onto a garment of your choice. You can print on cotton, polyester, nylon, canvas and other similar fabrics. Not only do we offer custom printed direct to film transfers, we also offer our printing services to print your chosen graphic on the garment of your choice. 

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Create a design from scratch with us! Or send us your existing.

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Custom Printing

Either screen printing or heat transfer printing can be used for your job.

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Custom neck labels, hang tags, poly bags and more! If needed!

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